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Air Conditioning Service, A/C Tune Up & A/C Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service, A/C Tune Up & A/C Maintenance

Your Air Conditioning unit might be wasting energy, working inadequately, or not working at all. Without regular servicing, cooling systems perform with reduced efficiency and energy bills can skyrocket. You can protect your home’s air conditioning system and yourself from sudden, unexpected and costly repairs by scheduling consistent maintenance.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable maintenance option, Davis Modern Heating & Cooling’s annual air conditioning tune up is the right choice for you. We service nearly every type and brand of air conditioning equipment ever made. Our comfort specialists are committed to providing outstanding service and quality work. Our goal is to keep it simple and eliminate unpleasant surprises.

Schedule A/C Service in West Norriton & Phoenixville

The annual tune up is the perfect opportunity for us to test the safety and performance of your air conditioning system. With proper attention, cooling units experience considerably fewer breakdowns, virtually eliminating the need for costly repairs. Regular maintenance also adds years to the life of your equipment, improves efficiency and protects your home.

Air conditioners don’t work by bringing coolness to air but rather by sucking heat out of it. To absorb heat, coils need to be cold and clean. Even in the cleanest homes, bacteria, pollutants and airborne contaminants mix with the wet air of the conditioning coils and turn to slime.

All Air Conditioners Need Service

Your air conditioning system can freeze up due to overuse, broken parts or any number of reasons. Inspection of your ducts, joints, seams and other parts of your unit is critical to maintaining peak performance. In addition to changing and cleaning air filters, we’ll inspect your entire unit to ensure all components are working at maximum potential. Capacitors, evaporator coils, fuses, drain lines, relays, indoor blower motors and outdoor fan motors all require proactive attention.

Duct work has been identified as the #1 waste of energy in homes. Leaking duct work wastes valuable cooled air as well as bringing unwanted contaminants such as mold and allergens into your home. Moisture, odors and noisy air flow are just a few of the symptoms of a unit in need of service. By working together, we can safeguard against common air conditioning problems and keep you comfortable even in the dog days of Summer.

HVAC Service & Central Air Conditioning in Blue Bell, PA

Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your unit. With quality, affordability and efficiency always in mind, Davis Modern Heating & Cooling will see to the specific needs and unique challenges of your home air conditioning system.

We’ve built a reputation of over 150 years of superior customer care. Let us take over your regular service, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your system is saving you money and working at its utmost efficiency. The trained professionals at Davis Modern & Heating are waiting for your call. We’ll eliminate unpleasant surprises so you can relax this Summer in uninterrupted comfort.


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