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Heating Service & Furnace Maintenance

Heating Service & Furnace Maintenance

The Winter months are a huge workload on your furnace. Rather than be caught shivering in the middle of a cold December night, consider scheduling an inexpensive tune-up. The perfect time to inspect your furnace and see to necessary repairs and replacement parts is before a breakdown.

At Davis Modern Heating & Cooling, the status of your heating and cooling system is our primary concern. With over 150 years of experience under our belts, we understand the benefits of regular tune-ups. First and foremost, consistent maintenance saves you money. As the efficiency of your heating system decreases, your utility bills increase. You also run the risk of aggravating and costly repairs during our notoriously-cold Norristown winters. A properly maintained furnace will last longer, prevent breakdowns and cost less to operate.

HVAC Service & Heating Service In King Of Prussia, PA

Not only will your annual check-up provide quieter operation, better comfort and peace of mind, an inspection by a trained expert from Davis Modern Heating & Cooling will assure safe operation. If undetected cracks develop along the heat exchanger because of prolonged use without maintenance, it can lead to a leak of toxic exhaust gasses and serious health concerns.

The complexity of heating and air conditioning units has drastically changed in recent years, making it crucial that a knowledgeable and experienced technician take care of the preventative maintenance of your unit. The technicians at Davis Modern Heating & Cooling are highly-trained and prepared to handle any air conditioning or heating issue, from seasonal inspection to complicated repair work.

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It’s simple to increase your heating system’s longevity with a Davis Modern Heating & Cooling service plan. We install, service and repair most every model and brand of heating system, including oil furnaces, so give us a call today at (610) 277-2656. Get the most from your HVAC and rest comfortable this winter.


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